Compare Whole Of Life Insurance Policies

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Rates last update: 24 June 2018

Compare whole of life insurance policies before you commit yourself to check that you are getting the very best value for money but also to check you are buying the right amount of cover.

Whole of life insurance will provide you with peace of mind that when you die your family will not be burdened with financial worries just at the time of bereavement.

The table of rates below shows that by comparing the costs of whole of life insurance you can save by buying slightly more cover as the insurance companies give discounts for higher cover levels. Also it may seem obvious but premium costs rise with age, so the earlier you buy your policy the better.

There is no limit to the number of policies you can buy but as your health deteriorates through life, which is common for many, the premiums for policies bought in the years ahead will rise.

In the end there’s no substitute for getting a personalised quote from a leading whole of life insurance comparison website.

Compare Whole Of Life Insurance Policies For Age 30 – 75 Non-Smokers, (that’s those that haven’t used any tobacco products or e-cigarettes within the last 12 months)
Compare Whole Of Life InsuranceAge 30 (n/s)Age 35 (n/s)Age 40 (n/s)Age 45 (n/s)Age 50 (n/s)Age 55 (n/s)Age 60 (n/s)Age 65 (n/s)Age 70 (n/s)Age 75 (n/s)
Non-Smoker Monthly Premiums - Last Updated: 24 June 2018 (Source:

Compare Whole Of Life Insurance Policies For Age 30 - 75 Smokers, (that’s those that have used tobacco products or e-cigarettes within the last 12 months)
Compare Whole Of Life
Age 30
Age 35
Age 40
Age 45
Age 50
Age 55
Age 60
Age 65
Age 70
Age 75
Smoker Monthly Premiums - Last Updated: 24 June 2018 (Source:

Index Link Your Whole Life Insurance
Unlike term life insurance it’s much more common to index link whole life insurance so that the sum it would pay out on death increases each year by RPI (the retail prices index) or a similar index of the cost of living.

What Is The Value Of Index Linking The Policy?
The purpose of life insurance, particularly a policy that will definitely pay out eventually on death, is to provide for your loved ones. If this provision is to mean something financially then the value it pays out must keep pace with inflation which is why many customers index link their cover.

Will The Premiums Rise To Match The Increasing Cover?
Premiums do rise to support the increasing cover levels under indexation however the insurance company will give you approximately a months notice of the change and you do have the option to opt out of the increase.

Bear in mind the increase is likely to be small given the low level of inflation and almost all customers do not have any problem in affording the few percentage points increases each year to support their policy payouts keeping place with inflation.

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